Gelish & Gellux Nail Colour System - OMG
Every Womans Dream - Flawless, glossy and permanent nail colour that gives strength and durability that lasts with no chipping, smudging or cracking!
Goodbye to the days of waiting endless hours waiting for varnish to dry before marking it, only for it to start chipping within days.  Thanks to this amazing gel varnish system you can now join the elite and endless string of celebs - enjoy weeks of flawless, perfect, shiny nail polish thats applied like polish and has the strength of a gel. 
nail extensions
  • No Chipping
  • No Peeling
  • No Cracking
  • No Smudging
  • Flawless Finish
The other great thing about these products are they're ROCK HARD DRY INSTANTLY, so say goodbye to annoying digs and smudges as you get your car keys out, or pop your shoes on after the perfect pedicure! 
A normal manicure and pedicure will never be the same again!
Fingers:   Shape and colour on natural or enhanced nails                          £19.50
                  Colour plus full set extensions                                                  £33.00
                                                                                               (price includes French Manicure)

Toes:       Shape and colour                                                                           £19.50
Colour removal and nail tidy                                                                       £10.00
Colour removal and Gel varnish re-applied                                no charge for removal
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