PhD Waxing
Share your secret... not your wax!
phd waxing treatment at Michele's Beauty Room
Its no secret that with pat and spatular 'pot' waxing, which many other salons still use, there is a serious risk of infection being pased to you from a previous customer .. yuk!  Thats why PhD Safewax is the only waxing treatment you can trust.  This is the ONLY system of waxing that elimates the risk of cross-infection.
Half Leg (under knee)                     
3/4 Leg (over knee)                          
Whole Leg                                         
Bikini                                                    from
Under Arm                                         
Lip and Chin                                  
£  6.50
£  6.50
£  8.50
£  5.00
£  5.50
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